10 curiosities about names of heroes and their translations

Scene of the opening of the cartoon that happened in the Globe

1) Fantastic Four was translated into HQs by RGE as 4 FANTASTIC OS, in HQs and also in the animation of the time (which was the first and best) that was on Globo. I think it's as correct, valid and legal as the Fantastic Four. And did you know that until the famous John Byrne stage in the 80 years Susan was called Invisible Girl? He realized that she was already a mother and a married lady, so she updated her code name to Invisible Woman!

Hq published by RGE
By the early 80 years Susan was the Invisible GIRL.
Byrne changed his name to Invisible Woman, since she was married and mother.

2) Have you noticed that many people who watch the movie of the Quartet and not nerd usually call the Human Torch of MAN TORQUE?
Probably because they know that most heroes are called Man "that" or Man "that", they soon deduce that he is the Torch Man. It makes sense to me. Even because the original name is HUMAN TORCH, and has the writing very similar to MAN TORQUE. I bet they cogitated such a translation at the time. Even because there are TWO Torches. To differentiate until it would work. The curious thing is that TorchMan (Torch Man), in turn, has the pronunciation very much like Human Touch.
The Torch of the Quartet is called Johnny Storm and the publisher Bloch translated its name into Portuguese, becoming Johnny Storm.

Human Torch has writing similar to Torch Man
In 70 years Bloch called him Johnny STORM (check out the cover call)

3) The Équis-Men (X-Men) were, until years 90, called Xis-men by almost 100% of the readers. And that only changed due to the animation that decided by the original American pronunciation, Équis-men, that was considered tongue-latch due to the difficulty in pronouncing the word. Virtually everyone reading comics found the new pronunciation strange. If the translators of the design had opted for Xis-Men everyone would talk like this to this day. It was a watershed.

4) Hulk means: Big, heavy and clumsy. Hence it is only to conclude that it refers to a brute, a brucutu.
I keep imagining him being described as Hulk-the green Brucutu or the Hulk-the radioactive brute.
The Hulk is big, heavy and clumsy (as well as dumb and childish, depending on the version). People like that are often called Mongo. Type "The guy is Mute!"
Imagine a cover with The title MONGO VERDE. But they wisely chose not to translate. I confess that I even like the possible translations but Hulk is perfect!

O radiative radioactive
The Green Brucutu

5) BATMAN was already published by EBAL and when it was published simultaneously by another publisher they changed their name to BATTLE BLACK. Gotham became Sweet Creek (believe me) and Bruce Wayne attended by Bruno Miller. In the magazineThe GURI he had his name translated into Portuguese. It was Morcêgo Man (with accent).

Admit it, the Black Bat name is cool. As much as Dark Knight.
It was Morcêgo Man, in good Portuguese and with accent. See Robin calling him Bruno
Nothing Batman, it was Batman himself

6) In the Ebay publishers, the Teen Titans were called the Teen Titans (Teen is a teenager, and gang refers to a bunch of teenagers), while in Filmation animations they were called Young Titans, and when the team was reformulated and became New Teen Titans translation of its new publisher, Abril, became New Titans (instead of New Young Titans or New Titan Tribe). And his female member, Wonder Girl, was dubbed, in the Ebal phase of DIANINHA, in reference to his older sister and famous Diana Prince / Wonder Woman. Beast Boy / Turn Beast MUTAN. Starfire simply became Stellar. In modern drawings the team continued to be called, on TV, Young Titans.

Marvel Girl, at Ebal, was DIANINHA.

Beast Boy turned. ...

7) Atom became the ATOMIC in Filmation animations in the 60 years, while in Brazilian comics he was renamed ELEKTRON, a clear reference to electrons, which are subatomic particles and are much smaller than an atom. In the television series Legends of Tomorrow he was rightly called the Atom. But I prefer ELEKTRON

This is the original name
In the series and in the cards the translation is faithful
In Brazilian comic books has always been Elektron
In Filmation's drawings, transmitted by the extinct Tupi Tv, his name was ATOMIC

8) Wonder Woman, originally, would be baptized of SUPREMA, but as it would be very wide open the reference to SUPERMAN, ended up opting for WONDER WOMAN. But the obvious idea that it is a magical / mythological and feminine version of Superman tb jumped to the eyes of the Brazilians, who renamed it SUPER WOMAN in its debut in Brazil, by Orbis. In fact, on Earth 3, its evil equivalent of the Crime Syndicate (villain version of the Justice League) is rightly called Super Woman.
When she went to Ebal they called her MISS AMERICA. And that lasted until the middle of the 70 years, only changing to conform to the series WONDER WOMAN, which curiously would be played by MISS AMERICA Linda Carter. Curiously, for budgetary reasons, it was practically made by a female version of Captain America. He did not fly, his super strength was at his level, he did not have super speed, he wore the flag in his starry uniform, he fought bullets with the bracelets (just like him with the shield) and fought with Nazis. I'm not saying they wanted to do Captain America (or Miss America) I'm just drawing a parallel, noticing a coincidence that transformed her from a female equivalent of Superman to one of Captain America in the series.

In the 50 years, when she arrived in Brazil, she was baptized as SUPER WOMAN

Already in years 60 renamed it of Miss America
Curiously it was a Miss America that interpreted it in the series live action
At that time the Miss America lived being handcuffed and tied
The beautiful Lynda Carter, miss America, gave life to the one that for a long time was called Miss America. Wonderful coincidence.
Miss america
Miss America lived a period without uniform and without superpowers. But it's her.
Missing in the starry uniform of Miss America
One Miss America played another.
Only from 1977 did it become known as WONDER WOMAN
The Marvelous Wonder Woman of Earth 3 is called. ..SUPER WOMAN! !!

9) The Martian Hunter (Martian Manhunter) whose name is Jon Jonzz, has long been known as AJAX in Brazil. But when Panini took over DC titles she chose not to do it anymore. I think they should keep the public name of a hero before the media. It would be something like Superman, who calls Kal-El but adopted a heroic name and a civil name. Ajax, the Martian hunter looks way better than Martian Hunter only.
Sometimes certain Brazilians look better than the original. Case of Elektron and Black Hawk. Ajax is too cool. No one knows who baptized him and baptized him in this way, remaining as one of the great Brazilian publishing mysteries. Ajax would be reference to the Greek hero namesake, or not? Another mystery.
And you know exactly why he's called a Hunter? No? It's because he was, in his civil life of the Silver Age, a DETECTIVE! Got it?

10 ) Bird of the Snow (Snow Bird) tb was adapted, because the trustworthy translation would be Emberiza das Neves, since it is the name of the same bird in Portuguese. They chose to do a literal translation (which is wrong) because it was considered more digestible. Although Emberiza (only) might work.
She is a member of Alpha Troop, whose original name is Alpha Flight, whose translation is Alpha Squadron, but Alpha Troop became more sonorous and gave a military sense. Good choice.

She is a member of the Alpha Troop.
Snow Bird = Emberiza das Neves

Source credits: MURANO MURANO

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  1. Most of them I already knew, but this Xis-Men is new to me!

    Only one addendum, when they spoke of "Miss America" ​​(Wonder Woman) came with a cover of "Miriam Lane" magazine (as it was then called Lois Lane), but the poor journalist was not even mentioned in that matter ... kkkkkk

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