Spiderman vs Titania

Source - credits: Myster Mystery

Great moments Marvel

First of all, to situate those who do not know the character, I want to give an idea of ​​their strength and resistance:
She's up to She-Hulk as the FANATIC stands for the Hulk !!! Could you place it?
Synopsis :

Woman Hulk was beating the Demolition Gang, Titania arrives and begins to fight, EQUALLY EQUAL, with her. The others join the fight and lynch the She Hulk!
The heroes will seek revenge and the Spider calls Titania pro pau!

Using his unbelievable speed and spider sense, coupled with his overwhelming brute strength, he beats a far superior opponent of his category without the slightest difficulty! Showing to be one of MARVEL's most spectacular fighters! He LITERALLY humiliates you! !! He SPANKS the Titania! A woman strikes lightly in consciousness.

Did you think he was Black Panther, Captain America or Daredevil? Did you notice she even touched the Spider? Yeah, the guy IS FUCK, HAND! ! !

This fight took place in the miniseries Secret Wars (original).

She was so shocked by her spanking that she was "a weaker male" who had been traumatized for years. He could not hear the Spider being uncomfortable.

Between this scene and the next one there is a cut the heroes discover what happened to the Woman Hulk and decide to seek revenge. In the next scene already shows the stick eating loose and the Spider calling Titania pro pau.

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