Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign will last up to 7 hours

One of the promises of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be its story mode. Unlike the title of 2015, in this EA and DICE intend to offer a much more robust option and that fill the gap left by the previous game.

Even with the promises, questions such as how long did the campaign last? In a conversation with Press Start, David Askel Robagard, producer of Motive Studios - the team responsible for the Battlefront 2 single-player campaign - explained that the duration of the journey would be up to 7 hours.

We think about 5h to 7h, maybe 8h. It's probably a good amount of time. We wanted to steer us into a Star Wars fantasy where players will experiment without being dragged. He explained.

If we take into account too many games of the genre like Battlefield 1 and some others, the duration is relatively within the same pattern.

Robagard even made some comments about the prospect of DICE developing a DLC-expanding campaign, keeping the same policy for free DLCs as well as multiplayer.

We are not ready to announce anything at the moment. We will see based on the reception of the single-player whether we will offer free DLC or not. He emphasized.

Battlefront 2 storyline

The Battlefront 2 storyline takes place before and after the long-running Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. In her first mission, the soldier must escape a Rebel captivity, while helping the Imperial Forces on the planet Endor, moments after the fall of the second Death Star.

The DICE, responsible studio, explains that Iden serves as an element to humanize the Empire. She and the other agents of the Inferno Squad represent the discipline and devotion that the Empire glorifies. But the character's most striking quality impacts the whole narrative: her courtesy.

At the beginning of the campaign, Iden goes into space and pilots a TIE fighter against rebel forces. These spatial battles will be chaotic, with the spacecraft itself having its own selection of skills, from fast laser shots to guided torpedoes. Understanding enemy positions and avoiding dangerous debris are challenges in and of themselves.

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