Comics of the week: TMNT, SOUTHERN CROSS, and ETERNITY

There's nothing like the feel of paper in your hands as you read the latest issue of Deadly Class or Punisher: The Platoon. Unless you read everything digitally, in this case there is nothing like the feel of your iPad in your hand as you read the latest issue of Batman Beyond. We do not care how you read your comics, but the important thing is to continue reading comics. That's why we picked some titles for you below.


Image Comics

Written by: Becky Cloonan
Art By: Andy Belanger
Colors of: Lee Loughridge

Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Lee Loughridge are right about making a lot of sickly strangeness across the SOUTHERN CROSS to really tinker with their heads. Speaking cut heads? Of course, Southern Cross has it. Violent deaths in the hands (and tongues) of the former lovers possessed? Yes, you have it too. The art of Belanger is rich and detailed, giving science fiction a lived feeling. Loughridge ranges from sinister blues, blues and ashes to amazing yellows and oranges and electric. Thirteen editions and Southern Cross continues to subvert our expectations and keep us the icy sweat of the readers.


Valiant Comics

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Trevor Hairsine and Ryan Winn
Scenes of: David Baron

While the comics of the Divinity series brought to the Valiant universe new worlds and creatures in the distant space, Eternity takes another great step towards the great unknown, further enhancing the story about previous events. This time, architects Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine are going back to the time of the 60 years. The only thing lacking in some of these transcendent pages is a bit of Kirby Krackle.

It's too early to really tell what the story is, but we know it involves Divinity, a stolen son, a murdered god, and a group called Brothers of the Bomb. There's a lot going on, weird stuff and lots of fun. There is something incredible about the superhero comics that span the galaxies and keeps their stakes in no less than the entire (or multiverse) universe. The comics are always at their peak when they reach the stars and of course Eternity is doing it in a great way.

TMNT #75

IDW Publishing

Written by: Kevin Eastman, Boddy Curnow and Tom Waltz
Art by: Cory Smith, Matthew Santolouco, Chris Johnson and Damian Couceiro
Colors of: Pattison Round

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been awesome for years. They started out great, and even as the world grew and the cast of characters multiplied, books kept a consistent level of quality. It's pretty insane that the main series is from 75 deep editions and it's even more insane that these 75 have been quite impressive.

To commemorate this important milestone, IDW gave us a mega double-size conclusion to the "Trail of Krang" plot. It is a part with epic space battle and another with an intense court drama and you still own radical works of art by Cory Smith, Matthew Santolouco, Chris Johnson and Damian Couceiro.

Yes, it is true, we have four stunning artists in this edition and, somehow, art is not shaken or confused. They flow seamlessly together and there are times when you will not even notice that one artist came out and another came in. The Ronda Pattison colors deserve great props for these seamless transitions, since it is the glue that holds this all together. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are one of our favorite comic books now and we can not wait to read the upcoming 75 editions.

Source and photo credits: The Nerdist.

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