Thor's true strength

Thor is the Marvel Hulk's biggest rival

Thor loses for the hulk?
What is the true extension of thor's force?
Read the text and find out the truth! !!!
Many people believe that thor is no match for the hulk, but the truth is they've always faced each other on an equal footing!
Too bad that in the last animation the thor was featured as a wimp, just like in the movies!
This, plus the fact that some writers say that he is not a god but only an alien (as if one thing excludes the other), plus the fact that most have not read their magazines lead to a misinterpretation of their true level force!

If some say he would lose to the hulk, I tell them this is not an easy statement to prove! For I say that in direct combat, using all his power, strength and combat weapons, only the hulk and sentry would have any chance against him! !
Because? The answer is simple! Thor never used all his strength on earth, nor all his power !!!
He swore never to do it, even if his life was at risk, such is the vastness of his powers that would put the land at risk! But then what would be their maximum level of strength and power? Come on :

Both have already won fights between them.

Strength 1 level: Basic:

I'm not going to talk about dre numbers ton, because I think it's stupid, but everyone should know that he can fight with Hulk with his bare hands! He's on the same level as Hercules! So he would be among the strongest on earth!

They have already measured up.
They measured for ONE HOUR without any of them receding a millimeter. ONE HOUR!!! And they just stopped because they were interrupted. It was a draw.

2 Strength Level: Folded

But there comes a smart guy behind the bush and says that the strength of the Hulk increases with the adrenaline of combat! That's a fact, but what the smart guy should not know is that Thor has, besides Mjolnir, a STRING DUPLICATOR BELT! Now imagine, a guy with the same force as Hercules, and who can double that force INSTANTLY !!

This guy is Thor! Very few beings would give so much work to the Green Giant because NOR THE FANATIC increases their level of strength so abruptly! By the way, NOR O HULK! !!!

They have always been given a measure of their strength.

3 Strength Level:

Then the clever one says that the furious, the stronger the Verdão stays, which would equal things, even being able to overpower this double level of Thor's strength !! RIGHT!! But Thor can also, by two means (a ceremonial song or by simple out of control during the fury of the battle) enter into BERSERKER MODE !!!
The so-called WARRIOR MADNESS, which, when it takes the individual makes him so thirsty for blood and violence that he totally loses control, becoming a mad beast, whose only desire is the death of the adversary! In this BERSERKER MODE Thor can have its strength expanded by up to TEN TIMES! !!! And so furious and uncontrolled that the Hulk !!!

And with a fucking hammer in his hands!

Get out of the way, pawn!

A Norse god in berserker mode is so dangerous and destructive that it is forbidden to indulge in this murderous fury, being considered the Asgardian sin. Thor almost killed Adam Warlock once, for he dared capture his beloved Lady Sif. If he did not run away with his tail between his legs during the massacre he would have died in Thor's hands.


But behold, the smart little beggar does not give up and claim that the Hulk ALSO can multiply its strength by ten throughout the battle! RIGHT! YOU CAN EVEN! !!! But if you're a math teacher, you'll know that if Thor goes into MODER BERSERKER, multiplying his already immense strength by ten, with the duplicator belt already in place, he'll then be TWENTY FEW MORE STRONG !!!!

Follow Pauuuuuuuuuuu !!!

Thor in Berserker mode shattering Bill Beta Ray
In this state Thor is implacable and bloodthirsty


The smart-ass argument will be "The Hulk's strength can increase infinitely!" Yeah, I can not deny it! The Green Giant is Fucking! Very cool! But I do not know if you noticed, so far we've only been talking about Thor's strength! He still has his URU hammer, MJØLNIR! Simply one of the most powerful weapons in the universe! ! If he, with Thor at normal level already hurt the Hulk, imagine what he can do at the hands of a Thor twenty times stronger !!! What would your POWER OF IMPACT be in this situation? It shook at the base, right? But there is still MORE! !! Thor can spin Mjolnir BEYOND the speed of light, so that low level nerd qq knows what that means. ... .. INFINITE MASS! !!!

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Fantastic Four in 61, soon after creating the Hulk. After that Stan determined that they should create a hero who could stop the Green Giant. At the same time he wanted a hero who could stand up to Superman or even outgrow him. For this he had the idea of ​​creating a super god. He chose Norse mythology because it was less known than the Roman Greco. He wanted something new and shocking. That's why he chose the most powerful warrior god of all mythology ... THOR! !!
And really he was the one who could bar the Hulk or challenge the absurdly powerful Superman of the Silver Age. He was treated as the Marvel Superman, the super warrior god.
This page exemplifies who Thor truly is and his position in the super heroic pantheon of Marvel. The most powerful superhero of the publisher.

Free translation :

"For years I have battled mortals and hesitated to use all my power fearing to kill them. Today that was a mistake and that mistake will be rectified. "

Keep in mind that the Destroyer has Asgardian power and a bar that faces Mjolnir. In addition to three extremely powerful comparsas.

POWER 2) But BEYOND that he still has the IRON HANDLES! !!!What is it? Well, there the legends vary; some say they would AMPLIFY even more of the already immense powers of MJØLNIR, which has already become much more destructive at the hands of a Thor twenty times stronger! Others say that it would serve Thor to be able to release ALL POWER from the hammer, for even he would succumb if he were bare hands in doing so, so they would enable him to handle it and release ALL of his immense power. ….AND SURVIVE!!!! CARACA !!!!

Then friend, as you can see, when it is said that Thor is THE MOST POWERFUL GOD WARRIOR OF ALL MYTHOLOGY, that means A LOT! !!
YES, the Hulk can follow this evolution of power, no doubt, but long before one of them reaches its limit, the fight will probably be over! Who will have won? It depends on the story!
Ps: Ever since its creation in 1962, Thor has NEVER used all his power! !!
Ps2: Thor and Mjolnir have many other powers but only considered those that would be used in a confrontation of beatings, without lightning, lightning or portals to another dimension, among other powers that he possesses.

Text by Márcio Murano

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