Manga Hunter vs. Hunter returns in January

After a rumor about the return of Hunter x Hunter manga still occurring in 2017, the new issue of Shonen Jump magazine has announced the definitive date for the return of the work.

The sleeve of Yoshihiro Togashi will return to Shueisha's magazine in the 9 issue of Shonen Jump, which will be published in Japan on 29's January 2018.

Hunter x Hunter is known for its multiple and long hiatus and its author Yoshihiro Togashi has become popular because it is widely criticized and laughed at by fans.

After a big hiatus the work had returned this year on 26 in June to quickly re-enter a new hiatus on 4 in September, to the despair of fans of the series.

The amount of hiatus in the series occurs now so repeatedly that his fans often theorize about the reasons for Yoshihiro Togashi to paralyze the play.

Source: otakupt

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