CCXP 2017: World's Largest Public

CCXP 2017: The biggest in public is not yet the best in the world!

Event arrives at 4ª edition expecting 220.000 people. While beating record of spectators, feather fair to bring good guests and exclusive materials
Event brings together thousands of fans of pop culture and geek at Expo São Paulo, south zone of the city
Comic Con Experience (CCXP) 2017 begins this Thursday, 7 December day
At 2014, half a dozen supporting actors and a few conspirators were enough to pack the Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in its first edition in Brazil. At the time, she has already herded 97.000 viewers. The event occupied half of the pavilion São Paulo Expo (formerly Expo Imigrantes) and received as main attraction the actors Giancarlo Esposito and Jason Momoa - then part of the supporting cast of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, respectively. Only four years later, the city prepares to receive the largest public expected for a Comic Con in the world, consolidating itself as a relevant stronghold of pop culture.

From this Thursday to Sunday, the convention awaits 220.000 people - the equivalent of three crowded Maracanã stadiums. The event saw long jumps between one edition and another. From the first to the second, the audience grew 46%, leaving the structure of the site insufficient for good circulation. With the expansion of space, now triple 2014, CCXP was able to comfortably host the 196.000 visitors, another remarkable growth of 40%. The number of people who will go through the four days of the event should stabilize - but already boasts a bigger milestone than the main fair of the type, the Comic Con of San Diego, with capacity for 130.000 people.

More gradual is the improvement in the quality of panels and celebrities. This year, luxury guests include Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, darling Will Smith, and actress Danai Gurira (Michonne from The Walking Dead). Teen idols such as Nick Jonas and Dylan O'Brien (Maze Runner) complete the package that still needs to gain a lot of muscle to compete with the popular American edition, a space that is held by major studios to launch novelties and exclusive materials.

But not only celebrities live the Comic Con Experience. Around 140 garment brands, decoration, collectibles and publishers will be divided into 120 booths at the event, occupying around 115s. The event also organizes an annual cosplay contest, fantasy of characters from some series, film or comic. The expectation is that the fair will move around 50 million reais in the city, between the hotel market and consumption, according to information from VEJA SP.

The event emerged in the United States in the 1970 decade in San Diego, California, and soon became the main hub for entertainment and pop culture. After three editions in Brazil, in São Paulo, Comic Con won a version in the Northeast in 2017, in the city of Recife, in Pernambuco. Tickets for Comic Con Experience 2017 ranged from real 99,99, the most basic, to 6.999,99, which gives access to the show on Wednesday night, before the general public. Saturday tickets and the full package for the four days are sold out

Source: Veja

Image: (Edu Lopes / Image Shed / CCXP2017 / Press Release).

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