Marvel shows more elements of Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4

While the PlayStation Experience is playing there in Anaheim, California, Marvel shared a video highlighting some behind-the-scenes footage of Marvel's Spider-Man development, exclusive to PS4.

The video explains that the narrative of the game is being written by a squad team. Names like Dan Slott and Christos Gage, classic offices of Spider-Man, are on Insomniac's collaboration team. The goal is to give players the best possible story.

The video shows how development leaders deal with a character as important as the Webhead. There is a genuine concern to create a title that is truly faithful to the character.

The video also shows some glimpses of gameplay that we had not seen in other trailers yet. Follow:

Marvel's Spider-Man must arrive at PS4 sometime in 2018. For now, the game lacks dates and other gameplay samples.

Source: meups4

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