Ricardo Juarez to be the voice of Kratos in new God of War, says PlayStation

The profile of PlayStation Brazil in the social network Twitter confirmed that the voice actor Ricardo Juarez will lend his voice to the Spartan Kratos in the new God of War. The announcement was made during the Comic Con Experience that takes place this weekend in São Paulo.

Ricardo Juarez is not unknown to the franchise. The voice actor has worked on God of War: Ascencion, also playing the anti-hero in his prequel adventure. Juarez, by the way, already has several jobs in video game games. He "is" the Overwatch Zenyatta, Crusader in Diablo III, Xavius ​​in World of Warcraft, Penguin in Batman Arkham Origins and so many others.

God of War will be released sometime in 2018. According to Cory Barlog, project director, the gameplay time may vary from 25h to 35h, a relatively large amount.

Source and photo credits: meups4

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