'Black Panther' surpasses US $ 500 mi and obfuscates 'Operation Red Sparrow' and 'Desire to Kill'

Disney's Marvel Black Panther continues its epic performance, taking in an impressive 500,1 million dollars in North America in just 17 days and making it the tenth-highest grossing of all time.

The film, starring Chadwick Boseman, dominated the movies in the United States on its third weekend with 65,7 million dollars at 4.084 venues - the third biggest weekend of all time, behind Star Wars: The Awakening Force, with 90,2 million dollars, and Avatar, with 68,5 million dollars.

Black Panther is now Marvel's second-highest-grossing film of all time in North American theaters, surpassing The Avengers: Ultron era this week with 459 million and behind only The Avengers, with 623,4 million dollars.

Black Panther has a real chance of reaching this level in the coming weeks and may eventually overtake Jurassic Park with 652 million dollars and Titanic with 659 million dollars for the third highest domestic box office ever.

Two new titles debuted with moderate results, which could be bigger without a film like Black Panther in theaters.

Fox's Operation Espionage suspense Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence, debuted with 17 millions of dollars at 3.056 venues, while MGM's Desire to Kill, starring Bruce Willis, earned 13 million dollars at 2.847 exhibition.

Source: Estadão

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