Columnist - Professor Alan Bica

#He no

By: Professor Alan Nunes Bica, Columnist

It gained national and international prominence, the cyber attack filed against the social network group Facebook, "Women United Against Bolsonaro." The attack would have started on Friday (14 / 09), when the cell phone of one of the administrators of the group was hacked, having stopped working and, soon thereafter, its profile in the social network invaded, other administrators of the group of women were excluded and his name changed to say in favor of presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro. The administrators of the social network, verifying suspicious activities, took the group out of the air, already on Sunday, returning to the managers. However, it would again be invaded, until finally on the same day the situation was normalized. Throughout this period, at least three administrators had, in addition to their social networks and emails invaded, their personal data exposed and their private life threatened. In other words, an organized act, with all the characters of criminal activity and with total relations with the electoral process underway in the country, by the political position of the invaders.

What jumps to the eyes at this moment, after the unfolding of the events, is the complexity of the invasion. It was not any activity, done in any form and in any place. It was as already said, organized, which even required cloning of chips. A host of knowledge and technologies were needed to carry out such an attack. Something big, to say the least. From there, questions arise: How far are they willing to go, some supporters of Bolsonaro's candidacy, to elect his candidate? What would be the next step? Murders? Homicide? Bomb attacks? If something of this caliber has been done, what else would it take for other steps to be taken by these political groups toward larger crimes?

There is no way to predict what will happen from now on. Any proposition can range from certainty to madness. What we can infer is how we got here and how these groups constituted themselves with the force they currently hold. The media, the mainstream media, political and social groups, the financial market, among other social actors, in order to accumulate forces to remove President Dilma Roussef from 2016, eventually co-opted portions of the Brazilian population, which are sympathetic to the ideals of the far right. With the unfolding of the crisis, in the following years, these groups were able to insert themselves strongly among other sectors of the population, covering other social levels, leading to the strengthening of the candidacy of Bolsonaro to president. Those parties, movements, media, that had brought the Brazilian extreme right to their ranks, have now lost control of them and find themselves in a precarious and unfortunate situation.

An extreme right, who does not measure his words when he is going to speak of his opponents, who even threatens to shoot those who do not understand his ideals, who offend blacks, homosexuals, women and who now invades and promotes cybernetic attacks, to silence those who do not accept their propositions. An extreme right that is increasingly approaching the line that demarcates the threshold of fascism.

What remains is to add the strength of women to all those insults and attacks that are deliberately launched against them and which remain opposed to them and to all their minions who represent a whole country project that does not include them way they should. It does not include them, nor homosexuals, nor blacks, nor Indians, only if they are in their proper places (if possible, outside of Brazil). They keep fighting and becoming stronger and more combative. It turned out that the attacks gave more power and disposition to the fight, even more than before. The hashtag # Elenão, has been present in the main social networks of them, and of many others of the whole Brazil. And manifestations are marked, for several cities of the whole Brazil, at the end of September, day 29. They will leave the digital networks and go to the streets. It will work? Will they and others have the strength to defeat this candidacy, these social groups and, above all, this project? There is no way to predict. Just wait. The Brazilian population walks in the middle of a thin and narrow line. It remains to know which way it will go.

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