The "K-1 World GP 2019 JAPAN ~ K'FESTA.2" will be held on 10 on March 2019 (Sunday) and will take place at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan (Courtesy: K-1 Japan Group).

Rivalry between K-1, RISE and Shoot Boxing benefits fights shows in Japan

According to experts, the future of MMA and especially of Kickboxing and Muay Thai is in Asia, not in the United States, where fighting shows would have been a "fad."
And among the countries of the Asian continent, Japan is beginning a new phase, with the fights events conquering every day the young public.
An audience that has never heard of Wanderlei Silva or Fedor, but who knows Conor Mcgregor and Jon Jones, and who wish to see fights of Nasukawa, Takeru or Horiguchi.
For as soon as Pride FC went bankrupt, their idols fell into oblivion and the new generation grew up without knowing what Pride was.

This new audience - made up of people who did not experience the heyday of Pride and K-1, once the biggest "trocation" event on the planet - began to show interest in the sport, since MMA never ended in Japan, since others smaller events continued to be promoted (along with others), away from open TV, especially in closed channels.

The amount of events (very well organized, by the way) and programs related to the fights in Japan is enormous.
The Japanese know very well how to organize a gigantic show, the kind that Rizin FF clearly represents and - according to the country's specialized media - is much larger than any UFC event.
Still, according to Japanese journalists, "almost nobody" calls the UFC in Japan, although fight shows are often already part of the country's culture.

In fact, there is no denying that the intention of the cartolas is to promote an event aimed at the Japanese public, because it is necessary - first - to 'reheat' the internal market.
So the fighting world is gaining strength in Japan again, especially among young people of the new generation, adept at social networks and thanks to the great investment of online TV's that are investing a lot in the struggles again.
The K-1 and ONE Championship, for example, are broadcast 'live' and free of charge by Abematv.

What is missing for an event like Rizin FF to be as big as Pride was in its "golden age" is to rejoin one of the 'parents' of the extinct event, which was the Japanese Pro-Wrestling, since it never lost its strength in the country.
[NE: Pro-Wrestling is known to us, Brazilians, as 'Telectach' or simply 'Free Fight'].

The approach to Kickboxing events they already have and that is beneficial to the growth of the fight shows as a whole, since no one can deny that the rivalry between the biggest 'trocation' franchises of the Land of the Rising Sun is serving to sediment the market from the country.

With the status of Japan's second-largest Kickboxing franchise, RISE is K-1's rival among the 'trocha' shows. RIZin also has Rizin FF, Nobuyuki Sakakibara's previously mentioned show, and was also an ally of K-1, but nowadays both Rizin and K-1 have a very bad relationship.

The rivalry began with K-1's attempt to get Nasukawa out of rival RISE as one of the requirements for him to fight Takeru (K-1) another kickboxing phenomenon in Japan.

It all got worse after the departure of Taiga and his brother Hiroya to RISE. Taiga and Hiroya are two of K-1's best fighters and have been brought to justice (against K-1) for breach of contract. And after being hired by RISE, Taiga has already debuted at Rizin, as allied franchises.

Last week, this rivalry won another chapter, with RISE announcing a major event in the format of GP with the best fighters of several franchises of "fight standing" of the world and with the participation of Nasukawa. This RISE show is scheduled for 10 on March 2019, that is, exactly the same day and region of K-1's biggest annual event, K-1 Fest 2019, with the participation of Takeru.

Thus, the most anticipated and desired fight by the Japanese fans (Nasukawa vs. Takeru) is increasingly distant, although Takeru defended his belt earlier this month.
After that victory, Takeru went to the microphone and asked again a fight against Nasukawa, in the weight that he wants. At the time, Takeru also called for an agreement between the fighting franchises, so that this confrontation is carried out and they can show the fans who is, in fact, the biggest name of Kickboxing in Japan.

Another "trocha" franchise that enters this dispute for the attention of fans of the "standing struggles" in the country - although without declaring "war" to rivals - is Shoot Boxing.
Remembering that Shoot Boxing still maintains a good relationship with Rizin FF, a RISE ally.

Shoot Boxing has a set of different rules and is known in Japan as "Standing Vale Tudo" (or 'Vale Tudo em pé'). It is not allowed to fight on the ground, but above are valid punches, kicks, knees, elbows, falls and submissions (Chokeholds, Armlocks and Wristilocks). But fighting is not allowed on the ground.

The first Shoot Boxing event scheduled for next year is scheduled for February 11 (Monday, a holiday in the Land of the Rising Sun) and will take place at the notorious Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

This year, Shoot Boxing began an international expansion with the promotion of their shows in Mongolia and the consequent founding of the Mongolian Shoot Boxing Federation to legitimize the sport in that country.

Brazilian fans of fights also dream of the day Shoot Boxing shows are being promoted in our country.

* Source - Credits: Contributor Oriosvaldo Costa | Posted in 28 / 12 / 2018

RISE will also promote a show on the same day and region of the K-1's largest annual event (Courtesy: Press Release).

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