Deep 87 Impact's official poster. The show was held on December 22 at the famous Korakuen Hall (Courtesy Deep Fighting Championship).

Tatsuya Mizuno wins Ryuta Sakurai at DEEP 87 Impact held in Tokyo, Japan

Last Saturday, December 22, DEEP returned to the famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan for DEEP 87 Impact.
The show commemorating DEEP's 15 years of existence showed some of its best talents, such as Japanese MMA legend Ryuta Sakurai against veteran Tatsuya Mizuno in the main event of the evening.

Ryuta Sakurai, who started his MMA career at 1996 (in the Lumax Cup - Tournament of J'96) had some success in the opening round against Tatsuya Mizuno (former Dream, ONE, Road FC and current DEEP).
Sakurai, who has a Professional record in MMA composed by 25-24 and is known by the nickname "Mr.DEEP", gave a heavy 'strikeout' to knock down his opponent and stay on the side and half guard for much of the first period.
But Mizuno ended up winning with a knockout finish in the second round.

In the 'co-main event' Takafumi Otsuka had Seiji Akao ahead, who is the champion of his weight category in the HEAT FC event. Otuka, who is one of the best wrestlers of the roosters division, ended up winning by majority decision of the judges.

Before that, Koichi Ishizuka played three rounds with the hard DJ.taiki, where the two took turns striking each other. In the end, DJ ended up winning by unanimous decision of the judges, who justified the preference for the representative of Pancrase, since this one connected cleaner blows in a very balanced fight.

Juri Ohara and Tatsunao Nagakura provided a classic confrontation of styles in the light category until the doctor was forced to intervene and stop the fight due to a cut in the forehead of a clearly disappointed Nagakura, already in the middle of the first round.

Dae Seung Baek came from Korea to fall in front of Yoichiro Sato, thanks to a TKO given by Sato to 0'27 in the first round.

Yamato Fujita was also quick to liquidate his opponent Hidemasa Soga. After reversing an attempt to fall, Fujita ended up fitting a kills to 1: 50 of the first round.

The only draw of the night was probably a fair result for Tomohiro Adaniya and Chikara Shimabukuro after frustrated attempts by both sides to finish.

In the second fight of the night, Naoto Miyazaki attacked Yoshihiko Shinzato with kicks before receiving a premature drop and adding a harsh ground and pound to "clear the way" and ending with a duel of 1: 29 of the first round.

Check out the full DEEP 87 Impact results below:

22 December 2018
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

1ª fight (Penalty weight: 2R x 5min)
Ryuji Takashio (KIBA Martial Arts Club) VS Yoshihiro Sasaki (TRI FORCE Akasaka)
Takashio won by TKO to the 4'52 "of the 2R.

2ª Fight (Lightweight: 2R x 5min)
Naoto Miyazaki (Sogo Kakutogi Tsudanuma Dojo) VS Yoshihiko Niizato (Freelancer)
Miyazaki won by strangling the 1'29 1R.

3ª Fight (Fly Weight: 2R x 5min)
Tomohiro Adaniya (Sogo Kakutogi Dojo Toh-shin) x Chikara Shimabukuro (CORE Ouji Toshima)
Tie by 1-0 / Decision.

4ª Fight (Fly Weight: 2R x 5min)
Hidemasa Soga (ALLIANCE) VS Yamato Fujita (Reversal Shinjyuku Me, We)
Fujita defeated 1R 52'1.

5ª Fight (Rooster Weight: 3R x 5min)
Toshiaki Kitada (PANCRASEism Yokohama) VS Rikuto "DARK" Shirakawa (Kokorozashi Dojo)
Shirakawa won by 3-0 / Decision.

6ª fight (Weight-Medium: 3R x 5min)
Yoichiro Sato (KATANA GYM) VS Dae Seung Baek (TEAM HON)
Sato won by TKO to the 0'27 of the 1R.

7ª Fight (Lightweight: 3R x 5min)
Tatsunao Nagakura (Yoshida Dojo) VS Jyuri Ohara (KIBA Martial Arts Club)
Ohara won by TKO to the 2'02 "of the 1R. (medical interruption)

8ª Fight (Below 63.0kg: 3R x 5min)
DJ.taiki (PANCRASEism Yokohama) VS Koichi Ishitsuka (Freelancer)
DJ.taiki won by 3-0 / Decision.

9º Fight (Rooster Weight: 3R x 5min)
Takafumi Otsuka (T Grip Tokyo) VS Seiji Akao (Higashi-Osaka PARAESTRA)
Otsuka won by 3-0 / Decision.

10ª Fight (Medium Weight: 3R x 5min)
Tatsuya Mizuno (Freelancer) VS Ryuta Sakurai (R-BLOOD)
Mizuno defeated 2R 53'2.

[NE: the term "Freelancer" refers to a freelance, independent fighter who does not represent any team in his professional fights].

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 29 / 12 / 2018

Ryuta Sakurai, "Mr.DEEP" is one of the main Japanese MMA (Courtesy: Disclosure).

Oriosvaldo Costa |

Oriosvaldo Costa "Mr. Kung Fu". The first Muslim MMA fighter from Brazil. 7 fights: 3 wins, 3 defeats, 1 No Contest.

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