Tokyo bullet train failure affects 230.000 passengers near the end of the year

Train services were badly damaged in and around Tokyo, mainly due to a fault detected on a Shinkansen bullet train at Tokyo station, affecting almost 228.700 passengers, the carrier said.

A total of 376 bullet trains were suspended or delayed for up to one hour on the Tohoku, Joetsu, Hokuriku and other shinkansen lines, according to the East Japan Railway Co.

JR East said it has detected a defect in the emergency braking system of a bullet train on the Shinkansen Tohoku-Yamagata line at 9h50 on Sunday.

The crash forced the train to stay on the station's 23 track for more than 90 minutes, affecting other shinkansen services and taking the already crowded central station platforms and locations to be filled with frustrated passengers.

"I expected some congestion because it is the end of the year, but I did not expect it," said Nao Nakajima, an 20 student who goes to Yurihonjo, his hometown in Akita province. "I wish I could go home soon and relax."

Source: The Mainchi

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