Xi Jinping says that China's reform, the opening "will never stop" amidst the commercial war

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized on Monday that China's reform and opening-up "will never stop," in the wake of fears that China-US. the trade war could cause a shrinkage in global trade activities.

"The world has seen China's reform and openness and its determination to push it forward," Xi said in his New Year's Eve speech, adding that "China's reform will never stop and its doors will only open every time." more."

National Museum of Beijing in November / 2018. Source: Kyodo

At 2018, China marked the 40 anniversary of its reform and opening-up policy, aimed at modernizing its society and developing the market economy under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

With the world's second-largest economy showing signs of slowing in a trade dispute with the United States, Xi also pledged to boost its Silk Road infrastructure project.

"We will continue to move forward with the joint construction of the initiative and will continue to advocate the development of a community and
of a common future for humanity, "Xi said.

China has sought to expand infrastructure networks in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa to achieve its goal of connecting countries along the ancient Silk Road more closely, but there are concerns in Japan about Beijing's transparency in its funding .

On the military front, Xi has pledged to strengthen China's defense capabilities, an effort that many observers say has taken hold in recent years, when Beijing quickly built artificial islands with military infrastructure in the disputed South China Sea - home to some of the sea lanes the busiest in the world. .

Shenzhen, China, Nov / 2018. Source: Kyodo

"Looking at the world in general, we are facing a period of great changes never seen in a century," said Xi.

"No matter what these changes bring, China will remain firm and confident in its defense of its sovereignty and national security. And China's sincerity and good will to ensure world peace and promote common development will remain unchanged, "Xi added.

In addition to trade, Beijing and Washington divided on security issues, such as Taiwan and the South China Sea. China considers Taiwan a renegade province awaiting unification, by force if necessary.

Source: Kyodo News

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