Excursion - Shimizu Lighting

By: Japan Tour - Photographer: Mario Hirano.

Shimizu Lighting - tour held on the 4 day of January 2019.

Script: Bridge, Mount O'muro and Illumination.

"The Shimizu Harbor in Shizuoka City has one of the biggest winter lights in the Tokai region.

The Shimizu Telfer, a kind of horizontal crane, was built in 1928 as advanced technology for the time. It is considered a tangible cultural property of the country, so important. It is all lit up providing charm for visitors to the S-Pulse Dream Plaza in Shizuoka.

The Sea Light Harbor lighting creates an atmosphere of harmony with the waters of the harbor, which reflect the color.

The dome received white and blue lights bringing stars from the snow for visitors to gape at the beauty.

Every 15 minute happens a music show with lights, from 16 to 21h. "

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