10 Girl makes years of Japan's youngest Go player

A fourth-grade girl will be recognized as the youngest professional golfer in Japan, said an association of the traditional board game on Saturday.

Sumire Nakamura will complete 10 years when he officially enters the lower shodan outpost on 1 in April, told the Japan Go Association.

It will break the record set by Rina Fujisawa, who was recognized nine years ago at 11 years and 6 months old. Fujisawa won the prestigious Honinbo Women's competition last year.

"I'm happy when I win (a game of Go). I want to win a title while in high school, "Sumire told a news conference.

She also said she wants to be a Go player like Yuta Iyama. The government granted the People's Honor Award to Iyama last year after having won all seven Japanese Go titles for the second time, regaining the Meijin title in 2017.

The association chose Sumire to participate in a special program that was recently created to train Go professional players to compete on an equal footing with Chinese and Korean players in international tournaments.

The girl from Tokyo has been active in the world of Go, even participating in the national tournament of Japan for boys and girls when she was in the second grade.

Most recently, she went to South Korea to hone her skills, but is now back in Japan attending a primary school in Osaka.

Source: Kyodo News

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