China to take action against diesel trucks

China will take action against heavily polluting diesel trucks, imposing tougher fuel and engine standards, raising rail freight volumes and strengthening its monitoring capabilities, new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Environment said.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said in a policy document on Friday that it intends to "significantly increase" the number of diesel trucks capable of meeting emission standards up to 2020, aiming for a compliance rate of at least 90% by next year.

It also promised to improve diesel quality, stifle low-grade fuel and reduce total emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulate fuel combustion. New trucks that do not meet state requirements will not be allowed to enter the market, and major regions will also be required to implement the advanced "China VI" fuel standards as of July this year, according to the document.

China is in the fifth year of a "pollution war", but average emission levels in many pollution-prone northern cities remain much higher than the levels recommended by the government.

Source: The Japan News