Japanese government wants to help hospitals overcome language barriers

As part of the measures to facilitate the acceptance of foreign workers scheduled to begin in April, the Japanese government is planning to help facilitate the use of tablets with translation functions in medical facilities.

The step is one of the support measures in a comprehensive package made late last year to promote coexistence with foreigners. Elements such as the criteria for support and the amounts to be provided will be worked on at a later date.

The government will also support the positioning of medical interpreters as it seeks to establish an environment in which foreign patients can feel at ease when receiving medical attention.

According to a survey conducted at 2016 by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 65% of medical facilities that dealt with foreign patients encountered some difficulty with both sides understanding in Japanese.

The government has decided to provide support because if a patient can not transmit their symptoms to a doctor, they may not be able to receive the appropriate treatment.

Source: The Japan News

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