Jean Felipe Tchê is the President and CEO of WFS Management and head of World Kombat Chaellenge, an event better known by the acronym WKC MMA (Courtesy: Likka Nikkinen / MMA Viking).

Exclusive interview with Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos, born in Soledade, Rio Grande do Sul, is President and CEO of World Fight Sport Management (WFS) and promoter of World Kombat Chaellenge (WKC MMA) in Latin America. His agency has been in the market since 2014, taking care of athletes' careers and sending them to national and international MMA events. Currently WFS Management has more than 400 fighters in its 'book'.

MMA athlete, Jean Felipe has 39 fights, being 30 wins, 6 defeats and 3 No Contest. Adding to his performances as a 'coach', speaker (ministering seminars), fighter and 'manager' (manager), he has worked in 32 countries.

The athletes hired from his agency are fighters from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Oceania.
In addition to the agency of fighters and the promotion of events in Europe, Asia and Russia, the novelty now is that it will also be expanding its work to the United States and Central America.

In this exclusive interview, Jean Felipe tells us how he manages his various functions and reveals what his "recipe" is for success in the different areas of the demanding MMA market.
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1) When did you start practicing martial arts? What is your training and graduation time in each modality? Could you name some of your teachers?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: Training since my 16 years. I started in Boxing with Master Mario Thadeu, who is now in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.
Then I moved to Balneário Camboriú and started practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Santa Catarina, with Paulo Sergio Santos master of PS Phoenix. It is a black belt 5 ° degree.
There I also had contact and I began to train MMA.
I moved once again and went to Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso do Sul, where I had the opportunity to meet the true Muay Thai under the teachings of the deceased Grand Master Eduardo Maiorino, who lived and trained in Thailand and also dedicated myself to competing a lot in MMA Professional.

2) When did you start to fight MMA and in what countries and events have you competed? Could you do a retrospective of your career as a competitor so far?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: In the Professional MMA I started in 2013 and built a cartel consisting of 39 fights (30 victories, 6 defeats and 3 No Contest). He competed in the countries I spent giving classes, seminars and fighting. They were 31 countries I've been to in different continents and I can mention: Latin America, Central America, Europe, Russia, UK and Africa.

3) How do you reconcile your fighter career with the work of entrepreneurship and now also as an event promoter?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: My career as a fighter has stopped for a while now, because it promotes events, I manage the athletes, I also give classes, so these jobs are time consuming and require a lot of attention and concentration.
There is no way to keep training at a high level and keep everything 100 perfect.

4) When and why did you start World Fight Sport Management (WFS)? For which events have you ever sent fighters? What countries do you maintain connections with?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: WORLD FIGHT SPORT MANAGEMENT (WFS) was founded in 2014 after some bad experiences with managers who did not do their job well.
Since that time I have used my experience as an athlete and I have been improving more and more for the closing of fights for my clients. We work with all major events in Russia, Asia, Europe, USA, Central America. At 2018 our agency athletes had more than 200 fights within and outside Brazil to show their work.

5) Tell us some names from the World Fight Sport Management (WFS) 'book', that is, your clients to whom you agency international fights?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: I can not name names, because in our agency we have around 500 athletes, 30 being their former UFC. Here everyone is the same, from the former UFC / Bellator to the ones that are starting. The work is the same for all WFS Management athletes.

6) Why have you been specifically interested in promoting the World Kombat Chaellenge (WKC MMA) which is a European / British / Latin American event? How many editions of it have you promoted here in Brazil?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: I work with WKC MMA, as the WORLD KOMBATE CHALLENGE is best known, because I liked the work platform. The show is great for anyone who promotes and is a very good event for the athlete. The WKC MMA is the expansion we are doing in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. This success is wonderful, it's a joint effort. I just have to thank you. Since the beginning of the event, only in Latin America have we promoted around 80 editions and there will be many more editions in different countries. We always provide the best opportunities for our athletes.

7) In which Brazilian states did the World Kombat Chaellenge (WKC MMA) already take place?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: In Latin America we have already passed through Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Since within Brazil, we have already held events in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Pará, Ceará, Pernambuco, Mato Grosso do Sul and Maranhão. We are expanding more and more. Soon there will be a WKC in each Brazilian state to go and prospect new talents.

8) What are the plans for the World Kombat Chaellenge franchise (WKC MMA) now in 2019? What do you hope to accomplish this year?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: Having new countries with pre-scheduled events will be one of the biggest MMA leagues in the world very soon.

9) Still with regard to World Fight Sport Management (WFS), what is the return you expect from it?

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: I continue to reveal many talents. Today through my work I receive athletes from all over the world and I have athletes with a lot of potential that I want to put in the biggest MMA league in the world, which today is the UFC.
And I also have many other athletes that I will continue to send to other many excellent MMA league around the world.

10) To conclude ... What message would you leave to those who wish to be part of the MMA market, a very popular market by the way, either as a professional fighter or as an event promoter? What message would you give to these people? Take advantage of this as well to leave a message for the fighters you have worked for, besides those who fight in your events, not forgetting your sponsors, supporters, family and friends, anyway ... This is your space.

Jean Felipe Prestes dos Santos: As you said, this is a very popular market, but thanks to God and our business partners, both in the event and in the agency, we are standing out in the international MMA market with a unique and unique job.
I want to thank everyone who has worked hard and dedicated to make their dreams come true and I feel honored to be able to help the career and dream of many athletes through WFS.
I thank my allies, all the promoters of WKC MMA who have worked hard to reach the top. I just have to say Thanks for the confidence in our work and that in 2019, in this new year that begins, we will have many good things for all who are with us.
Anyone who wants to add to the project will be very welcome in any place of our country and the world.
Happy and Prospero 2019 to all.

* Interview granted to the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Posted in 7 / 1 / 2019

The official poster of the World Kombat Chaellenge (WKC MMA) belt race held in Scotland. The event is experiencing substantial growth around the world (Courtesy: Press Release).

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Oriosvaldo Costa "Mr. Kung Fu". The first Muslim MMA fighter from Brazil. 7 fights: 3 wins, 3 defeats, 1 No Contest.

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