Tokyo Comic Con 2018 received 63 thousand visitors

The Tokyo Comic Con 2018 closed with great public, having attracted a record of 63.146 visitors.

The three-day festival, one of the world's largest dedicated to pop culture, ended on 2 in December at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba.

The convention is a sister event to the original Silicon Valley Comic Con, founded by Stan Lee, creator of "Spider-Man" and other legendary comics from Marvel, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. It was released on 2016 in Tokyo.

The site featured a memorial monument dedicated to Lee, who died in 12 from November to 95 years.

The Tokyo edition also had video games using the latest technology, up-to-date information on comics and movies, and displays of rare items from around the world.

Hollywood stars were also present for photo shoots and autographs.

The convention attracted 32.010 visitors in 2016 and 42.793 in 2017. The third edition also had a record number of about 200 companies and other organizations installing booths.

Stars including Tom Hiddleston, Ezra Miller, Peter Weller and Oliver and James Phelps took the stage on the final day of the grand finale.

It has also been announced that Tokyo Comic Con will be held on 2019.

Hiddleston, known for playing Loki in the movies "Avengers," told fans in Japanese: "I'll be back. Aritago, Sayonara. "

Source: Asahi

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