Treasures of Buddhism on display at Tokyo Exposition

A special exhibition of national treasures of the Toji temple on Tuesday at the Tokyo National Museum in Tokyo.

Among the exhibits, one that catches the attention of visitors is the mandala. The mandala is a three-dimensional representation of the pantheon of Shingon Buddhism and comprises 21 statues arranged in the temple classroom in Kyoto.

It is based on the ideas of Kukai, who brought the esoteric Shingon teachings from China to Japan in the Heian period (late 8th to late 12th century).

The Mandala Ryokai (Two Kingdoms), a national treasure, will also be exhibited at the 23 exhibition from April to 6 in May.

By exhibiting around 110 temple treasures, the exhibition presents the world of esoteric Buddhist art. The exhibition will be held until June 2 at the Heiseikan National Museum in Tokyo at Ueno Park in Tokyo.

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun


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