Osu Kannon Matsuri of Nagoya

By: Photographer - Mario Hirano.

On 3 August 2019, we had Osu Kannon Matsuri of Nagoya. In the Kamimaezu region, where it was held at the Osu Kamimaezu temple. On Saturday at 13: 00 H, there was the beginning of Matsuri, at the opening of the stage the samba show, united by Nagana Urbana.

Gary's group: vocal and percussion, Lincoln 1: vocal and guitar, Lincoln 2: vocal and ukulele, Wilson: vocal and drums. Presentation of the dancers on stage. Yuka chan: Bahia, Japanese, Good Good, Solange, Lais and Yukie. As 14: 30, began the parade of Nagoya's United Urban Samba School.

Gallery of photos here.

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