The Brazilian gang leader, whose attempt to escape prison as a daughter made global headlines, was found dead in his cell in Rio de Janeiro.

The state prison service, Seap, said police officers found Clauvino da Silva's 42 years body on Tuesday morning in the high-security prison complex he tried to escape. She added that he seemed to have taken his own life.

Silva, a member of the Comando Vermelho faction, was serving a sentence of nearly 73 when he tried to escape on Saturday with the help of a silicone mask, a black bra and a wig and a printed T-shirt. With three pink donuts.

The gangster, known by his nickname Shorty, apparently hoped to trick prison officials into thinking he was his 19-year-old daughter he was visiting.

But suspicious authorities stopped Silva when he tried to leave the complex and demanded that he undress before his cameras. This video went viral in Brazil and around the world and Silva was placed in solitary confinement as a punishment.

Authorities had celebrated the defense of crime by handing out photographs and videos of their unusual disguise in the media.

But Silva's death represents the second major humiliation for Brazil's notoriously overcrowded prison system in just one week. In late July, 58 prisoners were killed - 16 beheaded - during an eruption of gang violence in the state of Pará.

Two days after the bloodbath - one of the worst in Brazil since 111 people died during the notorious 1992 massacre in Carandiru - another four prisoners died when they were transferred to another prison unit.

According to media reports, half of them have not yet been tried.

Source: Oglobo | Guardian


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