The promotion of boxing without gloves is one of the first legalized, sanctioned and regulated in the world. (Courtesy | Credits: Bare Knuckle Fighting media).

As a combat sport that touts a remarkable story, glove-free boxing is timeless and has a long future ahead. Even supporters of boxing without gloves believe that this sport could take the place of MMA in the near future.

Also known as 'Bare Knuckle Boxing' or 'bare fists' boxing, or 'Irish boxing' or 'prizefighter boxing' - as you prefer - this is one of the fastest growing fighting modalities around the world today .

In the United Kingdom the sport was never banned, although it is not regulated by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC). Which was never a deterrent to the events there.
Proof of this is that last year the London O2 Arena held 14 fights for an audience of over 2.000 spectators.

On the other hand, in Uncle Sam's land, promoters had to work hard to raise the sport of clandestinity to legitimacy, and nowadays “Broughton rules” are widely used in shows of this nature, which has not happened since 1889.
Wyoming became the first place in the United States to legalize the sport on 20 March 2018. The initiative was followed by some other US states.

As soon as they were legalized, the events - which were previously held in indigenous reserves - began to be promoted more regularly, which aroused the interest of major sponsors, with the immediate consequence of the valorization of the fighters' scholarship.
Thanks to all this we are already talking about salaries that can reach the six digits.

To get an idea, not many MMA (including UFC and Bellator veterans) and gloved boxing professionals are making the transition to fighting in “Bare Knuckle Boxing” while other well-known MMA names like Bas Rutten and Ken Shamrock are involved in their own “glove-free” boxing promotions.

The latest promotion of its kind to be launched is “Bare Knuckle Fighting”.
Announced as one of the first legalized, sanctioned and regulated promotions in the world, its purpose is to work safely, legally and authentically.
Based in Indianapolis, IN, USA, “Bare Knuckle Fighting” is president and CEO Larry Jones, also an MMA fighter.

The card for the inaugural Bare Knuckle Fighting event is growing daily, attracting a mix of fighters from MMA and gloved boxing, all seeking to make their name in the rising sport.
But there are still vacancies and promoters are looking for other top MMA and boxing fighters around the world.

Already confirmed to attend the event was the tireless Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch, a true 'living legend' of mixed martial arts and a US Army veteran.

Shannon has an 128-93 record in professional MMA fights and a 25-3 record in boxing.
It also maintains a record of 36-7 consisting of Muay Thai fights and kickboxing.
His achievements include eight world titles and twenty-eight belts in major promotions across the United States and in countries such as Canada, China, England, the Netherlands, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore and Thailand, among others. .

One of the pioneers of MMA, he made his sporting debut when it was still called NHB (No Holds Barred).
He made his debut at a Mexican bull arena called 'Plaza Del Toro' in Nogales, Mexico.
Since then, he has been featured in ESPN magazines, Rolling Stone and Gracie Magazine, among many other print publications.

Shannon is also Larry Jones's partner in promoting Bare Knuckle Fighting.

According to our sources, names like Josh Burns, Justin Smith, Joe Martell, Might Mouse, Kew Bonez, Eric Prindle, Sam Shewmaker and Chris Cella, among others, are in talks to fight in the inaugural edition of Bare Knuckle Fighting. .

The event should be held in December or January, probably in Indianapolis, IN, USA.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 09 / 08 / 2019


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