Sakai police in Osaka province arrested a semi-trailer driver on suspicion of driving recklessly on Friday, resulting in the death of a 11 girl on Thursday.

Police said the incident occurred around 17h00. Thursday. Police received a call from a passerby reporting that a girl was lying on the road at an intersection. The girl, Remi Matsuda, was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police said the girl was riding a bicycle at an intersection when the semi-trailer turned left, hit her and drove on. The girl's motorcycle was found about a kilometer away and was dragged by the semi-trailer, police said.

The semi-trailer was identified from footage from street surveillance cameras and witness accounts.

The driver, Tatsuya Kamei, who is from Niihama, Aichi Prefecture, was arrested after his vehicle was spotted on a ferry in Suminoe Ward, Osaka, about 90 minutes later. He was charged at 4 Friday morning. Police said he admitted drinking alcohol before the incident.

Source: Japan Today


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