Tanker truck explosion kills 60 in Tanzania

At least 60 people died and 70 were injured after a tanker truck exploded in Tanzania following a collision.

The vehicle exploded into flames as crowds gathered to pull gas from the vehicle at Morogoro, about 200 kilometers west of the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

Videos circulating on social networks showed the scorched remains of dozens of young people, while pre-blast images showed a large crowd collecting liquid from puddles in gallons.

Daniel Ngogo, a witness, told Reuters: “The situation is very bad. Many people died here, even those who weren't stealing fuel because this is a busy place.

“The fire was huge and it was a challenge to rescue victims. I've seen about 65 to 70 people being rescued because the fire was spreading rapidly throughout the crash area. "

President John Magufuli said he was shocked and saddened by the deaths, his office said in a statement.

Government spokesman Hassan Abbasi tweeted: "We were saddened by reports of an accident involving a fuel truck in Morogoro, which caught fire and burned several people."

Abbasi said the government is helping to coordinate the rescue operation "to ensure that we bury the bodies ... relatives identify the bodies of their loved ones and the injured receive proper treatment."

In January, a similar incident killed at least 12 people and injured many in southeastern Nigeria.

Source: Guardian| Reuters

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