A tributary of the Frome in Somerset turned bright blue. The results of the analysis are expected on Monday. Photo: @EnvAgencySW

A mysterious substance that turned a tributary of a river in western Britain to bright blue is being investigated by the local Environmental Agency.

Tests are being conducted on the Frome River in Somerset this weekend after the water is bright in color. The Environmental Agency said it was treating it as a suspected pollution incident, but there were no reports of dead wildlife.

Test results are expected on Monday and the agency said it will continue to monitor the flow over the weekend.

A spokesman asked someone with information to contact the Environmental Agency.

The agency added: “We are investigating a pollution incident near Frome that turned a tributary of the Frome River to bright blue. There are no reports of endangered or dead wildlife. Samples were taken for testing. We will continue to monitor the flow over the weekend. "

Meanwhile, the UK has become one of the first countries in Europe where people can receive flood alerts on their computers, phones or personal devices through the Google Public Alerts map.

The Environmental Agency said it has been working with the internet giant for two years to design and implement the service, which was launched in the US, South America and parts of Asia to alert residents of environmental emergencies such as earthquakes, forest fires and extremes. temperatures.

John Curtin, the agency's director of coastal flood and risk management, said: “This pioneering service will ensure that our flood and live safety warnings reach even more people when needed, giving UK residents access to their first service. kind in Europe.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to alert people to possible flood risks so they can take steps to keep themselves and their property safe. We will continue to work closely with Google to explore ways to further develop this fundamental public alert service. ”

Source: Guardian


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