Police said on Wednesday they had arrested an 25 Chinese for alleged fraud using the new electronic payment service at Seven-Eleven convenience stores.

Wu Yun Si Qin is suspected of buying 10 electronic cigarette cartridge cartridges worth 50.000 yen at an 7-Eleven store in Nakano Ward in Tokyo on July 3 afternoon using what is believed to be a stolen ID and password. of a company. -year-old in Nakatsugawa, Gifu.

The suspect, a resident of the Nakano Ward, has admitted the charge, saying he was invited by an acquaintance to make the purchase, and police suspect there is a criminal group behind the case.

Seven & i Holdings Co's payment service was hacked shortly after its launch on 1 July, and 808 people lost a total of 38,61 million yen late last month after their IDs and passwords were stolen.

Police have already arrested several people, including Chinese citizens, in connection with various purchases of electronic cigarette cartridges and other items using 7pay, suspecting their links to a China-based international criminal organization.

The company announced Thursday that it has decided to discontinue service in late September, admitting security breaches related to 7pay.

Police began an investigation into the most recent case when the man in Nakatsugawa consulted them after receiving a notice from a credit card company that his 7pay had been charged, although he himself had not done so.

Source: Kyodo


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