K-1 Northeast Circuit for 1th Time in Jaguaribe Valley

From the beginning of its activities on 20 June 2014 to the present day, the Northeast K-1 Circuit has become the fastest growing Kickboxing and Muay Thai competition in the Northeast region of Brazil.

The promotion originating from the state of Pernambuco has already made its editions in the capital Recife and also in inland cities such as Ipojuca, Jaboatão dos Guararapes and Cabo, but also in cities in other states such as Maceió-AL, João Pessoa-PB and Mauriti-CE.

Now, the organizing group of the “biggest event in the Northeast” will fight for 1ª time to the city of Limoeiro do Norte, located in the Jaguaribe Valley region, in the interior of Ceará state.
The final date has not yet been announced, but the organizers are scheduling the competition for November.

The event's card will attract fighters from Fortaleza and Ceará countryside, as well as other Northeastern states, in a schedule that will feature several fights married under the rules of Kickboxing and Muay Thai, some of which are valid for the title dispute. .

Highlight for the Muay Thai belt dispute between Rodrigo Ganecha (Max Fight) and Josué “Cipozim” (Adalberto Top Team).
Ganecha comes from a knockout victory in a professional fight at Maranhão Super Fight (event held in São Luíz-MA), while Josué is an athlete in the Ceará Muay Thai team and has played in the Brazilian championship of the sport.
Both fighters are from Fortaleza and the fight will be held in the 50 to 55 kg category.

In another title fight, this time in the weight category 65 to 66,500 kg (which is open) and also in the rules of Muay Thai, Henrique Silva (Adalberto Top Team) of Fortaleza, faces William 'Tigre' (ACT Combate team) , from Quixeramobim.

Throughout the programming we will have other married fights under the rules of Kickboxing.

There will also be a MMA fight valid for the World Kombat Challenge event, whose champion will have the chance to fight in other Brazilian states and South American countries, since the WKC MMA Group is one of the largest in Latin America and has international expressiveness.

With high expectations for the K-1 & World Kombat Challenge Northeastern Circuit co-promotion in the city, organizers say other editions are already being planned. The idea is to take the event to other neighboring municipalities and states.

For more information on the next steps, talk to the competition president, Grandmaster Eduardo Moraes, at: (88) 9 9468 4246.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 12 / 08 / 2019