Ken Shamrock announces the first fights of VALUE Bare Knuckle

[Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA and Sao Paulo, Brazil] - Ken Shamrock, “World's Most Dangerous Man” and co-founder of VALOR Bare Knuckle Inc. (VBK ™), announced that he has signed with Integrated Sports Media (ISM) , one of North America's leading open circuit and closed circuit combat sports programming distributors, to host VALOR Bare Knuckle auxiliary programs and "live" fights.

- “We are pleased that all major cable, digital and satellite providers are reacting so quickly to the inaugural edition of VALOR Bare Knuckle and will offer VBK: 1 'live' on pay-per-view to the public. in the United States and Canada. Integrated Sports Media has been doing phenomenal work to ensure that new broadcast platforms and traditional pay-per-view showcasing our events. Without a doubt, 21 September will be an unprecedented night for fighting fans everywhere. VALUE Bare Knuckle is here and here to stay, ”said Shamrock.

Therefore, the show can be viewed via pay-per-view on any cable station, DirectTV, DISH, or digitally on FITE.TV.

- “Integrated Sports Media is excited to distribute the inaugural VALOR Bare Knuckle event. It's an honor to represent Ken Shamrock, who is not only a legend in combat sports like MMA and pro wrestling, but he also fought with and without gloves in the ring and cage. We are thrilled with this promotion and its future as a regulated professional sport across North America. ”Said Doug Jacobs, owner of Integrated Sports Media.

Bare Knuckle Boxing is currently regulated in Florida, Mississippi and Wyoming and is under consideration in several other states throughout North America.

Shamrock also announced that VBK: 1, the inaugural VALUE Bare Knuckle event will take place at 4 Bears Casino and Lodge in New Town, North Dakota.

4 Bears Casino and Lodge, west of New Town, North Dakota, is the state's victorious destination for gaming, live entertainment, dining, lodging and convention. Located on beautiful Sakakawea Lake, 4 Bears Casino and Lodge offers marina and lake access.

Although the rising sport of “glove-free” boxing is not (yet) regulated in North Dakota, 4 Bears Casino and Lodge is located in an Indian reservation where “white man's law does not apply” and therefore , the authorities can do nothing.

According to Shamrock, the VBK: 1 card will feature a four-night heavyweight knockout tournament between three UFC veterans: Jack May, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Mark Godbeer Siala-Mou Siliga kickboxing rings, often called “Mighty Mo”.

Sokoudjou has just turned 35.
"Mighty Mo" is about to turn 49 years old. But it is built like George Foreman, so it should age well.
A fight between them will be amazing. (If the two intersect in the tournament, of course).

Another name in contact sports, former IBF World Boxing Champion Ishe Smith will also make his debut in boxing without gloves during the September 21 card.

41 Smith (29-11, 12 KO) had retired from 'gloved' boxing in February after losing to Erickson Lubin.
Your VALUE opponent Bare Knuckle will be Estevan Payan, an MMA veteran who is 3-10 in his latest 13 MMA fights, including worrying five (T) KO losses.

In addition to these confirmed clashes, there are rumors that there are negotiations to include fights between members of what were the two largest MMA teams in the US during the 90 years: Lion's Den and Hammer House.

Although we can not confirm anything yet about this team duel, this interesting part of the 'card' has already been released by the US specialized media:

Ken Shamrock vs Mark Coleman
Tra Telligman vs Wes Sims
Vernon White vs Branden Lee Hinkle
Mikey Burnett vs Phil Baroni
Pete Williams vs Nick Nutter

When asked about it, Hammer House fighter Wes Sims added: - “And talks to put Guy Mezger, Mark Kerr and others on the card. I am very happy. Lion's Den vs. Hammer House in 'Bare Knuckle Boxing' (BKB). ”- commented an excited Wes Sims.

In turn, Mark Coleman put more "wood in the fire":

- “Ken and I will finally share the ring! 'Bare Knuckle Boxing'. I won't need to answer anymore if I fought the 'great Shamrock'! Good luck my friend. ”- wrote Mark Coleman on his personal Facebook page.

If this fight really happens, it will be very interesting, especially for those “old school” fans who are still interested in seeing these legends compete.
Another draw for this duel is that both fighters - Shamrock (55 years) and Coleman (54 years) - are members of the 'UFC Hall of Fame'.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 13 / 08 / 2019