Japan ranks fourth in world tourism

Japan ranked fourth in the latest World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, released Wednesday, unchanged from previous research on 2017.

Japan was highly rated for its cultural assets and other resources, but the report noted that improvements could be made in relation to the development of the country's tourist infrastructure and the use of natural resources. The top three countries also remained unchanged, with Spain leading the overall ranking, followed by France and Germany.

Visitors are drawn to “Japan's unique cultural resources,” the report says. "However, Japan still has room to make better use of its promising natural resources."

The report covered 140 countries and regions, assessing their competitiveness in 14 fields, including natural resources, cultural resources and air transport infrastructure.

"With barriers and travel costs declining, many countries have significantly increased their competitive position in global tourism," said Christoph Wolff, WEF's head of mobility.

"Countries can seize this opportunity to generate economic and development returns, but they must address gaps in infrastructure and environmental protection to ensure that these returns can be achieved in the long term," said Wolff.

Source: Jiji Press

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