MEGA Expo 2019

By: Recommendation - Oriosvaldo Costa .

Confirmed Lectures and Workshops for MEGA EXPO 2019.

Hello, are you in the mood for a super cool workshop on copic design? Connect in the news, on 28 / 09, during MEGA EXPO 2019, I, Kaloy Costa, I'll be giving a workshop for you to learn how to use copic's famous markers. Are you in the mood to participate and still get a freebie? Just sign up right here. Limited registration!

Hello people. My name is Imberto SousaI am a tattoo artist and history teacher graduated by FAFIDAM, I have a postgraduate degree in Brazilian history and Ceará history, I am a student on tattoo since 2004. I'm going to let you know that I'll be at MEGA EXPO 2019 on September 28 giving a mini talk about body modification (tattoos and body piercings). If you are interested in learning more about, stop by our room.

My name is Walter Geovani and I work for the American comic book market. I will be at MEGA EXPO 2019 on September 28 giving a workshop on visual narrative. The Workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in telling / creating comic books (whether manga, superhero comics, humor, etc.), professionally or even as a hobby.

You don't have to have a good level of design, anyone can participate. It's free and to sign up, just contact the event staff.

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