Full Metal Dojo 18 once again moves MMA scene in Thailand

Full Metal Dojo announced their second show of the year for 30 November in Bangkok.
“FMD 18: Bangkoxsploitation” will mark the return of Thai MMA's longstanding promotion to Insanity Nightclub - a site synonymous with the FMD brand and bold, politically incorrect and questionable choices; Not to mention matchmaking.

Even fearless Full Metal Dojo promoter Jon Nutt - a man who never wakes up in the morning - has already announced the first fight of the next 'card' among middleweight fighters.
With a losing streak in five fights since 2011, New Zealand-born Daniel Kerr will make his franchise debut against Full Metal Dojo's badass Javier Trujillo, who has only lost since 2011 against Mehdi Bagheri at FMD 15 on 2017 .

Kerr hasn't experienced success in a while. He last competed in the Kunlun Fight 8 - five years ago - where he lost by decision in a kickboxing match. Prior to that, he was active on the Asian circuit playing fights at DARE (Thailand) and TUFFA (Australia), where he won the middleweight championship.

In turn, since making the transition from amateur to MMA pro on 2016, Trujillo has built a formidable 5-1 record on FMD. Their performances at the event were impressive.
On FMD 13, he scored the fastest knockout in franchise history (and perhaps even the whole history of Asian MMA) with a fierce Ryan Feltner knockout with just five seconds of fighting.
Trujillo goes on to fight Daniel Kerr on November 30 with two solid wins - the most recent against Mostafa Ibrahim Radi on FMD 17.

For the past few weeks, the FMD has been discussing the idea of ​​handing a samurai sword - the equivalent of an FMD world title - to the winner of this November 30 fight. We know that there will be only one man worthy of this award.

In addition, behind the scenes comments that one more fight should be added to the Full Metal Dojo 18 card, this time with heavyweight Hidetaka Arato, who will return to promotion after destroying Stan Tskitishvili with brutal knee to the head during FMD 17.

If you had a problem with the promotion or did not like any previous Full Metal Dojo cards you should question your own existence. There is still time to change your mind and watch the upcoming franchise show 'live'.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 03 / 10 / 2019

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