K-1 Northeastern Circuit announces supporters and start of new phase

Contrary to what was previously announced, the next edition of the K-1 Northeastern Circuit will not be held in a town in the Jaguaribe Valley region, but in Mauriti, also in the interior of Ceará.

Located around neighboring municipalities in the states of Ceará, Paraíba and Pernambuco, the city had already received an earlier stage of the competition in July of 2017.
Now, thanks to a partnership with the City Hall, through the Municipal Secretary of Sports, José Artalio Barroso Leite, the city will once again host a stage of the "biggest event of 'change' in the Northeast" on 16 November 2019.
The event will take place at Proares court.

Another novelty that we would like to highlight is the partnership with TV Cariri, which will broadcast the 'live' fights through the 178 Channel to Brisanet clients.

As for the fights themselves, the 'main event' will be a duel between Ravi de Moraes (Mauriti-CE) and Matheus Yuri (Recife-PE), who will face each other under Boxing rules.
The fight is already registered on the IBFed website. (Intercontinental Boxing Federation) - which will sanction this confrontation - and in two other sources of records, seen even in the US, most notably fightstat.com.

The other fights that will make up the 22 card of the K-1 Northeast Circuit will be held under the rules of Kickboxing and Muay Thai, with the right to fight for belts in different weight categories, under the WPKB seal ( World Professional Kickboxing) and CIAM (International Martial Arts Council).

Grandmaster Eduardo Moraes, President of the Northeastern Circuit of K-1, is very excited about the new partners and is already scheduling new competitions for the months of April and September next year, covering cities near the region of Cariri (Juazeiro do Norte). , Crato and Barbalha).

Also for next year, the co-promotion with the World Kombat Challenge (WKC MMA) will continue as organizers plan to include at least one Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight with each edition of the event. .

Since the beginning of its activities on 20 June 2014, the Northeast Circuit of K-1 has hosted editions in Recife and other cities in the interior of the state of Pernambuco such as Ipojuca, Jaboatão dos Guararapes and Cabo, as well as other locations such as Maceió-AL and João Pessoa-PB.

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 07 / 10 / 2019

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