Abe encourages new opposition constitutional amendment proposals

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged opposition parties on Tuesday to come up with proposals for constitutional amendment to reinvigorate Diet talks on the issue.

"I hope that the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and other opposition parties will also present their proposals and have active discussions in the Constitution Commission in order to meet people's expectations," Abe said in a statement. plenary meeting of the City Council.

Abe said the results of the upper house election in July and recent polls indicate public support for negotiations on constitutional amendments.

"I hope the discussions on the subject will deepen beyond the division between the ruling and opposition parties," said the prime minister.

Regarding a major power outage in Chiba province caused by a strong typhoon last month, Abe rejected criticism of him for conducting a cabinet reshuffle just after the 15th tropical storm of the year hit the area.

"The claim that the cabinet reshuffle has led to a delayed government response is wrong," he said.

Source: Jiji Press

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