Government increases aid coverage to cover partially damaged homes in disasters

The government said on Monday it will provide up to ¥ 300.000 in home help under the disaster relief law for emergency repairs in some homes recognized as partially damaged by disasters.

Current rules limit the distribution of this aid to heavily damaged homes, including semi-destroyed ones. The broader coverage will be effective with disasters in fiscal year 2019 and beyond for homes in the municipalities to which the law applies.

The change in rules comes after several houses in Chiba Prefecture had their roofs torn off by the violent winds of powerful Typhoon No. 15 in September. But many of them can be considered only partially damaged, making them ineligible for emergency repair aid.

Homes damaged by at least 10% may be eligible for aid under the new rules. Municipalities are expected to start accepting aid requests under the new standards later this month.

The new rules will also provide aid for homes in the municipalities of Saga province and other areas affected by torrential rains that hit the northern part of the Kyushu region in August. But homes that have already been repaired will be excluded from aid coverage.

If local governments in Chiba offer aid for homes damaged by less than 10% by Typhoon No. 15 under its own support programs, the central government will cover 90% of public spending using related subsidies.

Expanding the scope of homes eligible for state aid would help homes that, for example, have only one room unusable due to a roof leak caused by a disaster.

A Cabinet Cabinet official said the government agency will handle the budget resulting from the rule change appropriately, as the measure is seen as adding a considerable burden to the state coffers.

Source: Jiji Press

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