20.000 Errors Found in Government Rewards Program

Economy Minister Isshu Sugawara revealed on Tuesday that about 20.000 cases of store-related errors participating in a cash payment reward program were found on the program's official website and elsewhere.

In a lower house plenary session, Sugawara said the errors resulted from “mainly input errors by payment service operators”. He said the errors should be corrected next week.

The comments were in response to a question from Kenta Izumi, the opposition Democratic People's Parliamentarian.

Under the program introduced to offset the economic impact of higher consumption tax earlier this month, consumers who buy goods at participating stores with cashless payment methods such as credit cards will receive reward points. Consumers will receive points worth 5% of the purchase price in small stores and 2% in major stores, such as convenience store agencies.

According to the ministry of economics, errors include incorrect addresses of participating stores and incorrect reward rates.

Sugawara said he would quickly investigate the causes of the error through hearings with payment service providers and consider preventive measures to prevent recurrence.

The program began on 1 October with about 500.000 participating stores, which successfully completed the application process by the end of September. Since then, the number of stores applying to participate has been increasing, with the total number of stores now reaching around 800.000.

Source: Jiji Press

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