Takashi Tachibana will run for seat in Saitama Upper House

Takashi Tachibana, a party leader known for criticizing Japan's public broadcaster and making controversial videos, said he resigned from the Diet to run for an upper house election in Saitama prefecture.

Tachibana, NHK chief Kara Kokumin Wo Mamoru To (Party to Protect the NHK Public), made the announcement during a news conference at the Diet building on 8 in October.

He is currently 52 years old and holds a seat in the House that his party, called N-Koku, won in a surprise victory in the July 21 elections.

If he leaves office, Satoshi Hamada will take the vacant seat in the House.

"I now have a better chance of winning the election because the ruling coalition has no candidates," Tachibana said in explaining the reason behind his decision.

The official campaign for the October 27 elections will begin on October 10.

Former Saitama Governor Kiyoshi Ueda, 71, has announced his candidacy for the election without the support of any party.

Tachibana served as an editor in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, and Tokyo's Katsushika Ward, after working at Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK), the public broadcaster.

For the upper house election in July, the N-Koku campaigned largely to "destroy the NHK." Tachibana has vowed to scramble NHK programs so that people who do not watch NHK programs can avoid paying subscription fees.

N-Koku obtained about 987.000 votes in the proportional representation part, which combines votes for the party and individual candidates. The count was enough to send Tachibana to the upper house.

His short term as a member of the Diet was controversial.

Tokyo police sent documents to prosecutors on 2 in October on allegations that Tachibana had threatened a member of the Tokyo Chuo ward assembly in a video posted on YouTube. The deputy, elected with the support of N-Koku, left the party.

Tachibana said his words in the video did not pose a threat.

In another video he posted on YouTube, Tachibana suggested using genocide to solve the problem of overpopulation in the world.

"Let's just say we should practice genocide against a breed that breeds like an idiot," he said in the video.

Saitama's pre-election was called after Motohiro Ono, a former member of the People's Democratic Party, left the upper house for his successful race in the Saitama government elections on 25 in August.

Source: Asahi

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