Emi Fujino faces Hyun-Ji Jang in Pancrase 311 title fight

Mixed martial arts promotion (MMA) opened before the UFC, Pancrase has traditionally named belt holders in each weight category as "King of Pancrase" rather than as "champion."

Therefore, in Pancrase 311 a new “Queen of Pancrase” will be crowned in the straw weight category. The new champion - replacing Brazilian Viviane Araújo - had emerged from the clash between Japanese Emi Fujino and South Korean Hyun-Ji Jang.

The final of the women's category competition will take place at Shinkiba Studio Coast in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, on 8 December.

Emi Fujino (24-11) comes from a TKO victory over Edna Oliveira in the semi-final fight at Pancrase 308 after the Brazilian suffered a wrist fracture. The other fight in the category was canceled after Nori Date arrived with 2.45kgs overweight in the straw weight category.

Hyun-Ji Jang (3-2), meanwhile, won three AFC fights in a row in South Korea. But she eventually lost by decision to Geli Bulaong when she descended to the flyweight in the URCC 77 title fight.

The Pancrase 311 card will also feature a bantamweight fight between Yuto Hokamura (12-8-2) and Saimon Oliveira (16-3). The Brazilian is a training partner of Rafael 'Morcego' Silva who beat the Japanese fighter in a Pancrase 307 title fight.

The event will also feature flyweight Yusuke Ogikubo (11-9) who will fight with a South African for the second consecutive time. He lost to Bokang Masunyane at Pancrase 307 and will face his fellow countryman Luthando Biko (6-2) now in December.

Pancrase 311
December 08th, 2019
Shinkiba Studio Coast
Tokyo, Japan

Emi Fujino vs. Hyun-Ji Jang (Strawweight Title Contest)
Yuto Hokamura vs Saimon Oliveira (cock weight)
Yusuke Ogikubo vs. Fighting Biko (Fly Weight)
Naoki Arikawa vs. Ryosuke Kano (fly weight)
Genpei Hayashi vs. Shinmare Komori (featherweight)
Teppei Maeyama vs Takafumi Ato (Straw Weight)
Mariya Suzuki vs. Nori Date (fly weight)

* Text from the collaborator Oriosvaldo Costa. | Written in 01 / 11 / 2019

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