India and Germany agree to boost industrial cooperation

India and Germany have agreed to increase cooperation in combating climate change, cyber security, skills development, artificial intelligence, energy security, civil aviation and defense production.

The two countries have signed several deals, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying India is eager to benefit from Germany's experience.

Modi said he also hopes to work together in the fight against terrorism and global extremism. He gave no details.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country would like to collaborate with India on infrastructure projects, waste management and water supply.

Merkel has been accompanied by several ministers and secretaries of state, as well as a business delegation.

She told reporters accompanying her that Germany wanted a easing and easing of tensions in India-controlled Kashmir, where New Delhi imposed a security restriction after removing its semi-autonomous status and starting federal government directly from the disputed area.

"In particular, we want India and Pakistan to find a peaceful solution together," said Merkel. “I still want to hear the prime minister's arguments first today too. But the situation for people at the moment is neither sustainable nor good. “

Kashmir has been torn between India and Pakistan since the countries gained independence from British colonialists in 1947. Both claim the region in its entirety and waged two wars for their control. India accuses Pakistan of arming and training insurgents, a charge Islamabad denies.

Source: The Associated Press

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