Prosecutor says Lula was not harmed by final allegations of whistleblowers and asks petitioner to reject appeal

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The Federal Public Prosecutor said on Monday, 4, that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) was not harmed by final allegations from his whistleblowers and therefore calls for the rejection of habeas corpus claimed by the petista. According to the prosecutor's office, actions against Lula concerning the Guarujá triplex, the Atibaia site and the Instituto Lula headquarters should not be reviewed by the Supreme Court (STF) ruling on the order of final allegations.

The statement signed by Deputy Attorney General Jose Adonis Callou de Araújo Sá alleges that Lula's whistleblowers have not presented any new facts in their final allegations and points out that Petista had time to defend himself against the charges.

Regarding the Guarujá triplex, which led Lula to an eight-year, ten-month, and twenty-day prison sentence, Callou states that 'none of the defendants had signed an award collaboration agreement' at the time of the opening of the procedural instruction and the determination of the sentence against Lula.

According to the prosecutor, Leo Pinheiro's plea was signed in December last year and ratified only last September while Agenor Medeiros' collaboration was signed this year - the final allegations of prosecution occurred in June of 2017.

Document 'MPF Manifestation' Click to view PDF.

"In light of this, one fact is certain: there was no reporting defendant in the criminal case that sentenced the patient for receiving an improper advantage involving the triplex apartment, nor a concrete offer of benefit made," says Callou.

The prosecutor's statement points out that, regarding the case of the Atibaia site, all whistleblowers, 'in their final reasons, did not innovate in their requests or allegations'. “Firstly, it is noted that the arguments used by the collaborating defendants were merely defensive, in order to avoid the blame or minimize the acts performed by them,” says Callou. "In their final allegations, the collaborating defendants did not impute crimes or request the conviction of the other defendants, including with regard to former President Lula."

Lula Institute. Regarding the third criminal case challenged by the former president's attorneys, the prosecutor states that in August this year Minister Edson Fachin ordered the reopening for five days of the deadline for filing or supplementing the parties' final allegations, and that the lawsuit was filed as follows. successive in relation to the whistleblowers who spoke before the defense.

The Institute's criminal action is related to the alleged payment of Odebrecht's improper advantages to PT in the amount of R $ 75 million in return for eight Petrobrás contracts. The construction company would also have acquired for Lula the property that would serve as headquarters for his institute in São Paulo. The former president is responsible for corruption and money laundering crimes.

The report contacted the defense of former President Lula and is awaiting a response. Space is open for demonstrations ([Email protected]).

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