PT calls on STF to investigate Bolsonaro for obstruction of justice

Credits | Source: Estadão Newspaper

PT leaders will present to the Supreme Court (STF) president, Minister Dias Toffoli, a crime news against President Jair Bolsonaro. According to the PT, Bolsonaro committed a crime of obstruction of justice by seizing the memory of the answering machine condominium Vivendas da Barra.

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In the document, the party argues that the president "authoritatively and with force (from his office) appropriates evidence that can, in theory, incriminate himself or his family." The criminal complaint also calls for Rio's alderman Carlos Bolsonaro (PSC), the president's son, and Justice Minister Sergio Moro, to be investigated for alleged interference with the inquiry.

On Saturday, Bolsonaro said he took the audios to prevent them from being tampered with. “We got it before it was tampered with, we got all the memory of the answering machine, which has been stored for over a year. The voice is not mine, ”he said.

Today, faced with the opposition's negative reaction, which accuses him of obstructing investigations, the president gave another version: “What I did was film the answering machine with the voice of the answering machine. Just that, nothing more. I didn't get it, I didn't back it up, I didn't do anything. And the answering machine's memory has been with the Civil Police for a long time. No one wants to tamper with anything, no. ”

The audios filmed and posted by Carlos on social networks belie the condominium porter who, in a statement, said that Élcio Queiroz, accused of being one of the perpetrators of the murder of Councilwoman Marielle Franco and his driver Anderson Gomes, was authorized by “his Jair ”To enter the condominium after intercom to the president's house.

In the audio, who authorizes the entrance of Élcio is Ronnie Lessa, another accused for the murder of Marielle and Anderson, who lives in the same condominium as Bolsonaro and Carlos, the Vivendas da Barra.

“It is clearly an attempt at destruction and / or manipulation of evidence, aimed at affecting and even thwarting the fairness of ongoing police and ministerial investigations and which, as said, directly or indirectly affect the President of Republic and, at least for the time being, one of their children (Carlos Bolsonaro) ”, says the criminal complaint filed by the PT.

In the document, the party calls for the search and seizure of all material held by Jair and Carlos Bolsonaro, for the Supreme Court to provisionally “guard” the evidence, determine the opening of investigations to investigate possible crimes of obstruction of justice and administrative dishonesty.

According to Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE), the purpose of the criminal complaint is to investigate the conduct of Bolsonaro, Carlos and Moro in the case. “We want this to be investigated. The goal is not to ask for the impeachment of the president, but if anyone wants to do so there are crimes of responsibility to spare, this is just one more, ”said the senator.

Bolsonaro's lawyer, Frederick Wassef, was sought but could not comment on PT's action because he was at a meeting.

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