Minister inspects meat from now vaccinated pigs in Tamamura

Agriculture Minister Taku Eto inspected a wholesale meat market on Monday before the launch of pork from swine fever vaccinated pigs, due to begin this week.

Eto visited the market in Tamamura, Gunma Province, to examine his sanitary conditions and the safety of pork.

Outbreaks of swine fever have prompted some municipalities to vaccinate pigs to prevent the spread of the disease.

Trade in meat from vaccinated pigs will begin early Friday in Gifu province and elsewhere. In Gunma, the start is scheduled for Sunday.

Eating pork from vaccinated pigs poses no health risks, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

In the Gunma market, which has the largest pork processing capacity in the country, Eto has checked sterilization measures for inbound and outbound workers and vehicles.

Speaking to reporters after the inspection, Eto praised the installation as an example to follow. The vaccines "will not cause health risk or loss of taste, so I hope everyone will continue to buy pork as usual," he said.

Gunma is the fourth largest pork producer among the 47 prefectures in the country. Vaccination of pigs began on 27 in October following the confirmation of a boar infected with swine fever.

Source: Jiji Press

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