Anno and Higuchi team up to produce "Shin Ultraman" to be released on 2021

Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, who together created the acclaimed movie "Shin Godzilla", are teaming up again to produce "Shin Ultraman."

The live-action movie is set to hit Toho Co.'s affiliated theaters on 2021.

The man who becomes the giant superhero to fight monsters will be played by Takumi Saito. Masami Nagasawa and Hidetoshi Nishijima will also appear in the project.

The latest film dates back to the original "Ultraman", a live action special effects superhero TV series "tokusatsu" that began on 1966. Set in modern society, it will offer the public a chance to experience a world where there is an Ultraman like no one has seen before.

“Shin Ultraman” is Anno's favorite project, who is also writing the script. Best known for his anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", he is a self-proclaimed fan of the "Ultraman" franchise.

Higuchi, who serves as director of the film, also collaborated with Anno on "Evangelion."

“Shin Godzilla” won the top seven awards at the 40 Japan Film Academy 2017 Award, receiving the best film, best director and other awards.

Saito is no stranger to the couple's work, making a brief appearance on "Shin Godzilla". Actress Nagasawa will be the protagonist's partner.

Source: Asahi

Picture: Toho Co./ Asahi

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