Coronavirus: Brazil has 1.546 cases and 25 deaths, says government

Brazil has 1.546 confirmed cases of new coronavirus and there are 25 deaths until this Sunday, according to the Ministry of Health.

418 more cases were reported compared to Saturday's balance sheet, an increase of 37%. And seven more deaths in the last 24 hours. All of them were from São Paulo, a state with 22 deaths in total and 631 cases. The Southeast accounts for 59,9% of coronavirus patients.

The Northeast Region has 231 cases (14,9%), the South has 179 (11,6%), the Midwest has 161 (10,4) and the North has 49 confirmed cases (3,2%).

The lethality rate remains the same as Saturday, 1,6%, according to the federal government.

The Ministry does not report the number of suspected cases because it considers that the entire country is in community transmission - that is, when it is not possible to identify the origin of the virus and, says that, therefore, anyone with flu-like symptoms is a suspected case. .

Photo: Getty Images

Source: Yahoo News

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