Coronavirus: Spain has 13,5 infected health professionals

In Spain, almost 13,5 of those infected are health professionals. The number corresponds to about 12% of the total cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country.

The information was confirmed by the representative of the Ministry of Health Fernando Simón, at a press conference this Sunday (22). Of the more than 28,5 positive cases for coronavirus in Spain, 3.475 are professionals in the health sector.

“This is a major problem for the healthcare system. They are the most risky population group, that is obvious, and we have to assume it ”, said Fernando Simón, director of sanitary emergencies in Spain.

The rapid spread of the virus challenges the health system in Spain, which faces a lack of care capacity in the most affected areas, aggravated by casualties among health professionals.

The Spanish government announced on Saturday the distribution of half a million additional masks for professionals and about 800 thousand for patients and the future purchase of another eight million for health professionals.


Spain has seen a 30% increase in the number of deaths from Covi-19 in the past 24 hours. A further 399 deaths were recorded. In all, there are 1.725 ​​deaths.

The number of contaminants has also risen.

The Spanish government announced on Sunday that it will extend the state of alarm emigration for 15 days since the 13th in the country due to the crisis. The measure has yet to be approved by Congress.

Source: Yahoo News.

Photo: Photo by Juan Carlos Lucas / NurPhoto via Getty Images.

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