COVID-19 Itaí City Hall reinforces prevention measures

This weekend, the Itaí City Hall published two new decrees providing for the adoption of additional measures, temporary and emergency, to prevent contagion by COVID (new Coronavirus).

Decree No. 2.901 determines the closure of agricultural establishments, petshop's, which must operate only through the delivery, delivery, food and medical-veterinary services, with the prohibition of collecting, bathing, grooming and serving the public in these areas being prohibited. locations. The mechanic workshops and tire shops must remain closed, being able to work only internally, with a maximum number of up to 03 employees. The PPE´s commercial establishments will remain closed and will only be able to operate through the hotline delivery services.

Decree 2.901 also amended article 8 of Municipal Decree 2.898, reiterating that clinics and medical doctors' offices; veterinary clinics; pharmacies and drugstores; markets, supermarkets, bakeries, grocery stores and butchers; mineral water distributors; gas distributors; fuel filling stations, water and sewage and electricity service concessionaires should continue to function normally, however, with strict observance of hygiene protocols, both at the entrance and inside the respective establishments.

Decree No. 2.902, on the other hand, determines, at the municipal level, the limitation of the quantity of basic necessities that can be purchased by each person, to establishments that sell them, so that, in view of their respective stocks, they may avoid shortages of supply to citizens. Being considered essential goods all those indispensable products such as: hygiene materials, staple foods, fuels.

In addition, the decree recommends to all suppliers, especially manufacturers, pharmacies and drugstores, establishments for the sale of hospital articles, markets and supermarkets not to carry out arbitrary price increases for products aimed at preventing, protecting and fighting Coronavirus , especially gel alcohol, surgical masks, understood as an unfounded increase, or if they have already raised the values, which return to the old prices, as they may violate article 39, X of the Consumer Protection Code, in addition to articles no. 36, item III of Federal Law No. 12.529 of November 30, 2011 and 2nd, item II of Federal Decree No. 52.025, of May 20, 1963.

Such measures are necessary since the Pandemic caused by COVID-19 is affecting Brazil, and especially the State of São Paulo, with the need to reduce the number of infected people in order not to collapse the health system.

See the following document.

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