Niterói will have full quarantine to contain the progress of the coronavirus

In yet another action to reduce the circulation of people and contain the advance of the new coronavirus in Niterói, Mayor Rodrigo Neves announced this Saturday that, as of Monday, the quarantine will be total in the city and only essential services will be able to function . The operation of pharmacies, markets, supermarkets, gas stations, bakeries, pet shops, medical and dental clinics, imaging laboratories and vaccination clinics, hotels and veterinary clinics will only be allowed for emergencies. The city accounts for a death due to Covid-19.

The mayor also announced, with the municipal secretary of Planning, Budget and Management Modernization, Axel Grael, that the supplementation to the budget necessary for these measures to be fulfilled, mainly in the area of ​​health and social protection, reaches R $ 200 million . This Saturday, the Municipal Health Foundation (FMS) of Niterói opened a notice for the emergency hiring of 456 health professionals, including nurses, doctors, nursing technicians and physiotherapists. The selection will be made through curriculum analysis, completely online.

- We need to keep only the security, health and cleaning staff on the streets. Our battle against this virus is not even beginning. We have had closed public spaces for almost a week, blocked access to the beaches, all measures were taken with the aim of saving lives. Therefore, quarantine is essential at this moment - reinforced Neves.

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The head of the Executive recalled that, also on Monday, the vaccination against influenza will start and made an alert:

- The population does not need to run. The vaccination will last 60 days and we are taking initiatives that will contribute to this immunization process. The Family Doctor program teams will also provide home care. In addition, we will put a drive thru system on the door of health facilities so that the elderly can be vaccinated at the door of the car - he said.

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Neves also pointed out that there are vacancies in the shelters of the Municipality to welcome the homeless and, if this number is not enough, hotels that are closed for the referral of these people will be leased. Until Tuesday, the city will complete the delivery of 32 thousand basic food baskets to families that students from public schools and study, if necessary, we will provide food cards for families who need it most. 

The 153 number for the Integrated Public Security Center (Cisp) will also be available so that the population can inform and report cases of non-compliance with quarantine and social isolation.

Accompanied by the Municipal Secretary of Health, Rodrigo Oliveira, Rodrigo Neves was at the Oceânico Hospital, in Piratininga, in the Oceanic Region, this Saturday, where he met with professionals who will integrate the process of implanting the 140 new beds that will be opened at the unit in the coming weeks. .

The City of Niterói is leasing, for a period of one year, the unit to serve as a center of care for eventual patients who contracted the new coronavirus. The unit, built by the private sector, is practically ready and unusable. Meanwhile, the municipality has completed the installation of 14 ICU beds with respirators at Carlos Tortelly Municipal Hospital, in the Center, ready for immediate use, if necessary.

The FMS informs that, to date, the city has 10 confirmed cases of infection with the new coronavirus, among which one death, 189 remain under investigation and 71 have been discarded. All patients made a trip abroad or had direct contact with travelers, are in isolation at home and are accompanied by the FMS.

The Arte na Rede project, which was announced last week by the mayor as one of the measures to curb the spread of the city's virus and ensure income for city artists will have its first online presentations on Monday. At 15 pm, it will be the turn of singer Bia Bedran, and at 19 pm, the sertanejo João Gabriel. The performances will be broadcast on the City Hall's official website.

Source: Extra.

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