Coronavirus | Correios adopts new measures to face pandemic

Brasilia, 20/3/2020 - To reduce the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on its employees and on serving the population, the Post Office has adopted new preventive measures. As of this Friday (20), the company will carry out the delivery and collection of pouches simultaneously in a single daily visit, to better use the available workforce in the distribution and reduce the frequency of contact with customers.

The company also temporarily suspended the recipient's signature on the delivery of postal items and is reinforcing the importance of employees following the prevention guidelines, as well as acting with the respect, caution and empathy that the situation requires, both in the environment both in the workplace and in the relationship with customers.

Among the measures to contain the dissemination of COVID19 already adopted by the state-owned company, the following stand out:

- Sending guidance to all employees on basic hygiene care, as recommended by the Ministry of Health;

- Availability of 70% alcohol gel in locations close to workstations;

- Intensification of hygiene and cleaning procedures for the environment and equipment;

- If contamination is suspected, the immediate removal from work of employees who show any symptoms of the disease and of people who had direct contact with them;

- Leave of absence for up to 15 days, as from the return to Brazil, of employees who have been abroad, institutional or private in the last 15 days, or who have lived with infected people;

- Remote work performed by employees classified in risk groups or with residents in risk group;

- Division of administrative staff into shifts, establishing alternative times for employees to enter, leave and meal breaks, in order to avoid crowding in common use environments and during peak public transport times;

- Creation of a channel for direct communication between employees and the company's Presidency. During this alert period, the e-mail will be used to answer questions, report occurrences and suggest improvements regarding COVID-19 and its implications for the Post Office;

- Guidance so that employees do not participate in meetings, events and external meetings.

Operation of agencies - Regarding the service routines, the Post Office informs that they are in contact with the State and Municipal Governments so that their units are not included in decrees of operating restrictions. This mediation aims to guarantee the population's access to postal services.

The company also informs that premium services, Direct Marketing and Telegram are suspended, as well as the payment of indemnities for delay for all national and international services, due to force majeure.

The Correios continue to follow and follow the governmental guidelines of the Ministry of Health. If there is a new direction, the state company will immediately adjust the preventive measures and procedures and make the necessary disclosure to the public. The Correios are available by calling 3003-0100 (capitals and metropolitan regions) and 0800 725 7282 (other locations), or by the website


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